Yandereplane (Midnight from DITLOR) is an enemy 'Frisk' faces in Hotlands in the Self-Insert AU, Viletale.

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Yandereplane seems to be a plane-like monster that has a red baseball cap with a black rim covering black Yandere Chan styled hair. They have a faint pink blush covering most of the nose of the plane. 


They approach the protagonist in a strangely kind manner, despite, you know, attacking them. However, their dialogue is slightly creepy and tends to get jealous if 'Frisk' attacks 'Vulkin' more than them. They possibly have romantic feelings for the protagonist (In real life, however, Midnight from DITLOR has no romantic feelings towards anyone.). During a Genocide Run in Viletale, Yandereplane will attempt to force the protagonist to love them (bleh) and their attacks become 2x more powerful.

In BattleEdit

Appears withEdit

  • 'Vulkin' 


  • Several same-sized knives fly out of the sides of the Battle Board (or whatever it's called..) and, for some reason, always narrowly miss the SOUL.
  • Large planes fly form the top of the box, almost as if they are crash landing. They leave smoke trails behind them that do not do any damage.

Main StoryEdit

Neutral RouteEdit

During the Neutral Run, Yandereplane will appear with 'Vulkin' and be creepily kind to the protagonist. They show signs of jealously if the protagonist pays more attention to 'Vulkin' and noticeably fires a few of their attacks at 'Vulkin'. 

Pacifist RouteEdit

The fight will go the same as in a Neutral Route.

In the epilogue, it is mentioned that they have moved on to a new Senpai on the Surface. This totally won't end badly, right?

Genocide RouteEdit

This time, Yandereplane appears alone, covered in blood splatters. They mention that after they noticed how much they paid attention to 'Vulkin' (by *cough* killing them *cough*) and claimed that they got in the way anyway. If the protagonist refuses their affections (which is the only ACT that will continue the battle), their attacks will increase 2x as they try to force them to LOVE them.


  • Yandereplane is the only Self-Insert character that Midnight has almost nothing in common with, except for the fact that neither of them have been on a boat before.
  • In a Genocide Run, when you kill Yandereplane, they will crash to the ground, leaving a pile of rubble seen mainly in the overworld.
    • If examined, the text will say: Nothing but spare parts and junk.
  • If spared, Yandereplane will follow the protagonist until they exit off the screen, in which case they will turn back and not appear until the end credits.
    • This is only in a Pacifist or Neutral Run.
  • Midnight feels bad about creating this character, but who really cares?