Self-Setttale is an AU made by user:Createsans. It's just another self-insert AU, since those are what this Wikia is about, is it not?


Long ago, two races thrived, Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between them. At the Aftermath of the war, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters Underground with a powerful spell located at Mt. Ebott. Legend says those that travel to Mt. Ebott never return.

Differences from UndertaleEdit

  • The SOULs are all fusions of 2 of the already known souls.
    • Dedication, Audacity, Courage, Courtesy, Understanding, Sincerity and Rectitude are the new SOULs.
  • Monsters possess human SOUL traits, but still have the normal upward pointed SOUL.
    • Since monsters have human traits, they can be corrupted with HATE.
  • Mettaton NEO has a fight, because I personally love his design.


Main charactersEdit

  • Frisk: OPEN!
  • Chara: OPEN!
  • Flowey: OPEN!
  • Toriel: OPEN!
  • Sans: OPEN!
  • Papyrus: Createsans
  • Undyne: OPEN!
  • Alphys: OPEN!
  • Mettaton: OPEN!
  • Asgore: OPEN!
  • Asriel: OPEN!

Secondary charactersEdit

  • Napstablook: OPEN!
  • Snowdrake: Midnight from DITLOR
  • Monster kid: OPEN!
  • Grillby: OPEN!
  • The Riverperson: OPEN!
  • Muffet: OPEN!
  • RG 01 and 02: OPEN! and OPEN!
  • Mad Dummy: OPEN!
  • Temmies: OPEN!


  • Snowdin bunny Shopkeeper: OPEN!
  • Gerson: OPEN!
  • Temmie Shopkeeper: OPEN!
  • Bratty and Catty: OPEN! and OPEN!
  • Burgerpants: OPEN!


  • Memoryhead: OPEN!
  • Endogeny: OPEN!
  • Snowdrake's Mother: OPEN!
  • Reaperbird: OPEN!
  • Lemon Bread: OPEN!

Random EncountersEdit


  • Froggit: OPEN!
  • Whimsun: OPEN!
  • Loox: OPEN!
  • Vegetoid: OPEN!
  • Moldsmal: OPEN!
  • Migosp: OPEN!


  • Chilldrake: OPEN!
  • Ice Cap: OPEN!
  • Jerry: OPEN!
  • Gyftrot: OPEN!
  • Glyde: OPEN!
Canine UnitEdit
  • Doggo: OPEN!
  • Lesser Dog: OPEN!
  • Dogamy: OPEN
  • Dogaressa: OPEN!
  • Greater Dog: OPEN!


  • Aaron: OPEN!
  • Woshua: OPEN!
  • Moldbygg: OPEN!
  • Shyren: OPEN!


  • Vulkin: OPEN!
  • Tsundereplane: OPEN!
  • Pyrope: OPEN!
  • So Sorry: OPEN!


  • Final Froggit: OPEN!
  • Whimsalot: OPEN!
  • Astigmatism: OPEN!
  • Madjick: OPEN!
  • Knight Knight: OPEN!


  • Papyrus cooks pizza instead of spaghetti.
    • She also has a Tord-like personality.
  • Sans is trying to find Papyrus's innocence, but is failing.
  • Papyrus is still not in the Royal Guard. She wants it so bad, she's dusted monsters in front of Undyne to prove herself.