Cam is Admintale version of Sans.



She is overall very lazy. She likes drinking Mountain Dew, pulling pranks, telling puns and sleeping. She often teases her sibling with jokes and lazy puzzles. She is revealed to be depressed, apathetic, epileptic and slightly anxious. She doesn't see the point of trying to do anything, since her timeline will always be reset, and no one will remember anything. She hates working and loves taking breaks. She is a huge flirt, but states she's "too lazy for a dedicated relationship", which is why she's single. She likes to draw, and she is incredibly forgetful.


She has white bones and no hair. Her pupils and white and circular. She looks much like Arial from (a switch-up AU I don't remember the name of). She is 5"7. Her pupil flashes scarlet and cream, the colors of Audacity and Diligence.

She wears a red and black T-shirt jacket with greyish red fur around the hood, a grey sweater, black skater shorts and red sneakers.


She is able to control time and space, but she mostly uses that ability to pull pranks. She has psychokinesis, teleportation and access to blue magic. She can also summon Gaster Blasters, which are twice the size of her, and she can use bones to fight. Her most potentially useful, but mostly useless attack is Karmic Retribution, which can only be used on those who have done wrong.


She only has 1 of every stat, making her the weakest enemy. She can also lose focus on her task, causing her to think of what she was doing, which puts her off-guard.

Her epilepsy causes her to go into staring spells or forget what she's doing. This can be a disadvantage in battle or while she's doing something as an everyday task.

She is incredibly sensitive, protective and caring. She will get emotional if someone she loves is killed.



She loves to tease them, mostly with puns and pranks. However, she loves them.


  • She is lefthanded and uses the left side of her brain more often.
  • She suffers trypanophobia, haphephobia, pistanthrophobia, necrophobia, ophidiophobia, cynophobia and katsaridophobia.
    • Overall, she lives a life of fear.
  • She remembers who Gaster was, and is terrified of them for undisclosed reasons.
    • It is not the same reasons Sans could fear Gaster in Handplates.