Is That A Human? Dont Judge Me! I Can't Remember What A Human Looks Like.
— When FriskyBitz Notices The Player

Info Edit

FriskyBitz Takes The Role Of Papyrus In Tumbled Eternity.

Personality Edit

Being Known For Trying To Become A Royal Gaurd, FriskyBitz Takes Self-Defense Classes, As Well As Being Tired 34% Of The Time.

Attacks Edit

Attacking Mostly With Knifes, FriskyBitz Also Uses The Blue And Orange Attacks To His Advantage, Slams The Protaginist To The Wall, And Throws Barrels At You.

Story Edit

Neutral /True Pacifist Edit

In The Neutral Run, You Can Make The Choice To "Date" FriskyBitz. In The True Pacifist Run, You Have To "Date" FriskyBitz. You Cant Flirt With Him In Battle, But He Gives The Offer During Interacting With Him In Snowdin. In A Neutral Route, He Accepts His Death And Gives The Player A Hug Before Death.

Genocide Edit

In The Genocide Run, FriskyBitz Is Aware Of The Killings. Helping Everyone Evacuate, FriskyBitz Summons His "Panic Puzzles". After The Player Gets Through The "Panic Puzzles", FriskyBitz Tries To Take The Matter In His Own Hands. Atemptting To Fight The Player, FriskyBitz Dies Almost Instantly. During His Death, He Makes A Speech About How Justice Will Be Served, And That How The King Will Take Care Of Everything.

Disblief Edit

Not Cannon. I Repeat. NOT Cannon.

But Theres A Chance I'll Make A Seprate Page For It.

For Teh Lolz.

Theme Names Edit

  • Meh. I'll Do It Later. ( Nyeh Heh Heh! )
  • Electro-Tumble! ( Bonetrousle )
  • Hangout... Begin. ( Dating, Start )