Hello! I know there are many self-insert AU's out there, but I have decided to change this up a bit more!

You know how most self-insert AU's forbid the use of OC's (at least from what I've seen)? Well, in this AU, you have to use your own OC! Depending on how your OC is, the story may be changed a bit. If all of the roles get filled in, then I will write out the plot and we may roleplay this!

Humans = non-wiki users

Roles Edit


Sans: Oliver (My OC)

Papyrus: Esme

Mettaton: Fluffy

Alphys: FaxsGore

Chara: S.T.

Flowey: Showcard Gothic

Asriel: Selena

Undyne: Zabetar Sayer

Toriel: TBA

Asgore: Flamefox

Napstablook: Fire the Human

I shall add more characters as more people ask for roles!

Note: If your OC has a page of any sort, anywhere, please link it. If it does not, please make one and link it. You don't have to have a sprite or drawing, only if you want to.